Project Description


Special Treats for your Hands & Feet

‘Nailovi’ is where the professional staff in the professional salon.


The shop is a bit pinkish with girlish style of cartoon decoration. For a guy, please just ignore this as you can consider this as the good place for your hygienic care. Of course, you can see a couch & sofa for waiting including a shelf of nail colouring bottle. But what I like is the chair … it’s the chair for each customer to spend at least half an hour on. Of course, it’s so huge, big, cozy and link with a small tub to put your feet down. I wish to have this chair as my couch for watching TV at home one day !!!

The price list for each service is as the right picture

Unit A204 (2nd Floor Building A)

Opening Hours : Open daily from 10.00 – 21.00

Telephone : 02-6614111


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